Uses of a Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouples are temperature sensors for measuring temperature and for checking the presence of pilot light that is used to ensure the working of appliances that uses natural gas as fuel. Thermocouple performs dual roles i.e. that of measuring and safety. Thermocouple alloys are available in the form of wires that extend from sensing point to cold junction compensation end— a point where signal is measured. These wires are commonly called thermocouple wires.

Types of Thermocouple Wires

Thermocouple grade wires

Thermocouple grade wires play a vital role in the construction of sensor used in making thermocouple sensor device like a multi-meter.

  • Insulation of thermocouple wires are identified on the basis of color codes.
  • Generally, negative lead of thermocouple wire is red colored while the positive lead is of thermocouple wire is same colored as that of thermocouple and extension grade wire.
  • The external casing of thermocouple wire is usually brown.
  • Most common grades of thermocouple wires are type J, type E, type T and type K thermocouple wires.

Thermocouple extension wires

Thermocouple extension wires are used to transmit signal from sensors back to the device that measures temperature.

  • They are not exposed to elevated temperatures or heat and so it is less expensive and is highly stocked by dealers as a part of their specialty wires stock.
  • Thermocouple wires cannot be used for applications related to thermocouple grade wires.

Uses of Thermocouple Wires

Thermocouple wires find application in many small to large scale industries because their construction is rugged and so they can resist temperatures up to 2300 degree C. They are appropriate to measure larger temperature differences with accuracy on hand. Thermocouple wires are widely used in measuring temperatures of gas turbines, diesel engines, kilns and large industrial processes.

Some of the popular industries using thermocouple wires are:

Home appliances manufacturing

  • Thermocouple wires are widely used in manufacturing of heating devices for home appliances like ovens, room heater and water heater. These heating devices use a pilot light to ignite flame from gas burner as required.
  • In failure of working of such pilot lights, accidents tend to happen and in order to restrict such hazards, thermocouple wire is used in a circuit that can sense whether pilot light is burning.

Testing appliances

  • Thermocouple wires are also used in manufacturing industries to test the working of electrical and mechanical equipments.
  • Thermocouples are installed and monitored for testing electrical equipments like switch gear and control panels.